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Our Coaching Team

When we choose coaches we look for three important aspects: They have to be experienced runners, have knowledge about the sport of running and they have to have a love of people. We are proud of our coaching team as all of them fit within this criteria. 

Bevan James Eyles

Bevan James Eyles is one of the worlds top fitness professionals. Here’s some quick info on Bevan: 

  1. Bullet He’s been New Zealand group fitness instructor of the year three times.

  2. Bullet He raced as a pro Ironman Triathlete.

  3. Bullet He tours the world training fitness instructors for Les Mills.

  4. Bullet He has spend over 10 years learning to motivate and drive people to be their personal best.  He feels he knows how to bring the best out of people

Ros Hadler

Ros has been a runner for years and has completed many Marathons and Half Marathons. She has a real love of running and this comes through in her coaching.

  1. Bullet She brings a great female side to our coaching team. At the same time she’s a tough coach who loves seeing pushing themselves to their max.

  2. Bullet She won Motutapu Adventure race in 2010.

  3. Bullet Away from running she loves spending time with her family.

Paul Crossley

Some would call Paul ‘Forrest Gump’! This man has been running for over 20 years! Here’s some quick info on Paul

  1. Bullet In this time he has completed nearly 20 marathons with a fastest time of 2:31 and a half marathon time of 1:11.

  2. Bullet He’s Certified Athletics NZ Coach.

  3. Bullet Paul has an amazing passion for running. He’s read just about every book there is on the topic and he loves sharing this knowledge with those around him.

  4. Bullet He’s a group fitness instructor for Les Mills.

Fiona Crombie

Fiona is also a super fast runner who has years of experience to share with you. Just look at some of her results:

  1. Bullet Pre-Selected for 2011 World Cross Country Championships in Spain.

  2. Bullet Senior Women's 2010 Cross Country Champion.

  3. Bullet Qualified for 2006 Melbourne commonwealth games for track and field.

  4. BulletClocked 1:15 in the 2009 SBS Christchurch Half Marathon. 

  5. BulletTrained in the USA on an athletic scholarship for track, field and cross country. 

Brett Tingay Dip NMT Massage

Brett Tingay has been running for 10 years on road, cross country, and track and field. Here’s some quick info on Brett:

  1. Bullet He is a qualified massage therapist. He’s based at:
    Christchurch Sports and Therapeutic Massage

140 Durham St

03 3776789


He offers a discount for RaceTeam members. 

  1. Bullet He has spent a number of years as a  personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

  2. Bullet He is driven, enthusiastic, and loves to see others achieve their best.

  3. Bullet Here’s some of his running times: 10km: 30:24, National Road Running Medalist 2009, 1500m: 3:44. This guy is fast!

Di Lauder

Di has moved through our RaceTeam product to become one of our coaches. She's a top personal trainer who brings her knowledge in this area into our team. Here are some facts about her: 

  1. Bullet She has been running for four years ago and has been a keen participant in RaceTeam having completed three RaceTeams. She's now completed five Half Marathons.

  2. Bullet She has fifteen years experience as a Occupational Therapist.

  3. Bullet She's a qualified and registered Personal Trainer who works from her home based private studio in Huntsbury. You can contact her here if you want a session: 021564322

  4. Bullet She won Catch Fitness 2010 best female Personal Trainer and 2008 best new trainer. 

Our Network

When we choose people to work with the first question we ask ourself is: ‘Are these guys here to help the Athlete achieve their best?’ We want to work with companies that are all about this. This is why we are proud to promote these guys:


Injury Solutions

Injury Solutions is physio for athletes! When you have an injury you want to go to a professional that understands the needs of an athlete and is there to get you back on track towards achieving your goal.

Feet n Motion

Feet n Motion is Christchurch’s top podiatry provider. They have five locations over the city! They offer comprehensive consultations including a computerised digital video appraisal and treatment using all types of orthotics and technique instruction. They provide long-term solutions for the health of your feet and lower limb biomechanics.



 100% Money back guarantee!


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