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The 8 reasons to Join RaceTeam

            RaceTeam is a group training package that gets people over the finish line in Half Marathons.

Our next programme

Event: Marlborough Half Marathon

Race Date: 3rd of December 2011
Location: Marlborough 
RaceTeam start: 26th of September 2011
Training Location: Christchurch

Race Website:

What is RaceTeam? 

A while ago we were sitting around thinking that there needs to be a training system that gets people to complete a Half Marathon. So that’s what we have done! RaceTeam is a training system that has one focus, to get you to finish a Half. We provide everything you need to complete this race. If you are a new runner or someone hoping for a PB, this is for you!

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  1. Bullet30 Group Running Sessions with some of Christchurch’s top athletes/coaches. 

  1. Bullet3 Educational Sessions covering: Nutrition, injury prevention, race day preparation, overcoming obstacles and so much more.

  1. BulletA weekly email that will give training tips, google maps of that weeks run and other info that can help. 

  1. BulletEmail support for any of your questions during the build up to race day.

  1. BulletYou get to train with other like-minded people who are all trying to achieve a big goal.

  2. BulletAn Excel spreadsheet that has a training diary to graph your progress, the RaceTeam program and information about how the program works.

  1. BulletA RaceTeam Adidas top, worth over $70, that you can wear during training and with pride on race day.

  1. Bullet We offer a 100% money back guarantee! Check it here.

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RaceTeam: The best group training for Half Marathons.